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What is Design-Build and is it Right for You?

A term you may be hearing a lot about lately is design-build. This relatively new style of construction management is transforming the industry and homeowners’ experiences throughout the design and construction process.

Design-build assembles all of parties necessary to build your dream home on one team, let’s call it your “Dream Home Dream Team.” Working together, this team offers you a single point of contact and a collaborative process with one goal in mind: building a custom home to your specifications and within a predetermined budget. So who’s on this winning line-up? Everyone you need to build your dream home: an architect, a designer and a builder.

It may be helpful to understand the design-build process by considering the alternative: design-bid-build. In this process, owners first contract an architect to design a home. Then, builders bid on the project, a builder is selected, and construction begins. At some point in the design-bid-build process, an owner may choose to enlist the support of a designer. The owners have contracts with each of these three parties and each party acts independently of the other.

Some of the challenges inherent in the design-bid-build process can be increased cost, and lack of collaboration and communication leading to errors and delays. In this process, the homeowner becomes the single point of contact and is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the architect, designer and builder.

Sider Bros. is pleased to offer full design-build services, bringing all of these specialties together under one roof. Our team will work together, from the beginning, to design and construct a home to your schedule and budget. We believe this process makes for a much more enjoyable build, better results and fewer frustrations for you.

As our motto suggests, we believe a design-build process is how a custom dream home is truly “built from the ground up.” To learn more about this process, call us today at 905-894-9999.


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